Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sweet treats

if you have a sweet tooth and are ever in the burlington or essex (vermont) area make sure to visit my little cupcake. the shop specializes in miniature cupcakes and are prepared in a variety of yummy flavors.

today i had the biggest craving so i picked up some cupcakes to share with my hubby and son; two  each of the following: vanilla, pumpkin, and red velvet. they are so good, especially when you accompany them with a cold glass of milk.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

how to get chili pepper juice to stop stinging fingers or at least make it bearable

it so happens that one of the ingredients i used today in my cooking were chili peppers. if you've never used chili peppers then i recommend wearing gloves before you wash and chop them and then washing your hands very well when your done.
i didn't follow my own rule so i ended up with a horrible burning sensation on my fingers and parts of my hands. i washed my hands over and over again with water and soap, but it really didn't help. i googled ways to relieve the stinging and came across several remedies.
one involved washing your hands and then rubbing olive oil on your hands and letting it seep into the skin and then washing again, but after a while my hands felt the same way.

then i tried another remedy and this one definitely relieved the burn after two tries.

i dipped my hands in ice water for a few seconds until they were numb, then i washed them with water and soap, i dipped them in the ice water again, and then i rubbed my hands with alcohol. then after awhile, i repeated the process but skipped the water and soap. i have to say my hands felt completely relieved.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

bountiful harvest

since moving to vermont, we've signed up for a weekly csa {community supported agriculture} share. I love vegetables, but the truth is that sometimes i have way more veggies then i know what to do with.

This week's share of veggies and fruit from Paul Mazza's Farm:

kale, apples, brocoli, spaquetti squash, sweet red peppers, chili peppers, yukon potatoes, tomatoes
here are some of the things i plan on cooking and incorporating into this week's menu:
gazpacho, brocoli and cheese strata, several batches of kale chips, mashed potatoes, spaguetti squash saute, and cream of brocoli


Monday, September 10, 2012

what to do when you have too many veggies on your hands?

make a quiche, of course! i personally love how quick and easy this dish is to prepare. all you need are a few eggs, milk and whatever else you may have in your fridge.
 for tonight's dinner i made this quick and simple crustless quiche{omitting the crust cuts down on the calories in a way you can't imagine}
this is just a basic recipe that i've adapted after making numerous quiche dishes and it works for my family.

1&1/2 cup of chopped veggies,1 cup of pre cooked diced chicken, 1/2 cup of shredded cheese

a little more than 3/4 cups of fat free milk

season with salt and pepper

pour into a glass pie dish

I baked the quiche for 35 minutes, until the edges are browned a bit.

bon appetite!
what ingredients do you like to include in your quiche?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

current reading obsession

i've always been an avid reader, but since becoming a mom three years ago the time i can actually spend reading a good leisurely book has declined. now that my son is more independent and has developed interests that sometimes don't have to involve mommy 24/7 i've been able to get back into a reading groove.

i tend to lean more often then none to chic lit, but often do veer toward vampire love stories {i.e. the twilight series which i read in December of 2008} and other popular mainstream books {i.e. the hunger game series-I just love peeta}.

in the last month i've read two books by emily giffin, Something Borrowed and Something Blue.

if you haven't read these books, the first one may sound famliar. Something Borrowed was turned into a movie starring ginnifer goodwin and kate hudson not too long ago, plus as of lately they've been showing it on HBO a lot. as it goes, i read Something Borrowed because of the movie and then decided to read the "sequel" Something Blue.
each book focuses on one of the two female characters {rachel /darcy}as they go through defining moments in their lives. the books are easy reads, but chances are will get you addicted by the end of the first chapter.

since i loved giffin's first two books i decided to read yet another one. this next
 book is entitled baby proof, but has nothing to do with the other two books. i plan on starting reading it today and be done before the 25th because its due back in the library.

if i end up liking this book as well, chances are i'll read the rest of giffin's books.

any good girly books you'd reccommend?

Amanda’s Books and More

Friday, September 7, 2012

adjusting to life in the green mountain state

burlington waterfront

my family and i spent the last two years in virginia so the hubby could attend grad school. he graduated in may and as you might've guessed we now live in vermont because of his brand new job.

although, my husband's family is originally from vermont he has never lived here full-time. i'm originally from puerto rico and have only been to vermont on vacation.

now that we officially live here, i'm trying to get settled in while taking care of our three old and prepping for the arrival of our new baby.

as of now life consists of cleaning, cooking, decorating our place, nesting, playgroups, preschool, discovering fun places, trying to make friends-which i confess to not being very good at, and trying to look good while doing all of this.

yes, i am a stay at home mom, but used to be a teacher. eventually i plan on going back to the workforce because let's face it there's no point for me in being a full time stay at home mom once my kids go to school all day.

i hope to use this blog as a way to communicate with others out there and share a bit about the things i like and read about others.